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The Future of Arisen Kingdom

Bree Owner posted May 24, 17

Hello everyone. I'm just giving everyone who is / was apart of the Arisen Kingdom community a heads up on what's happening and what's going to be happening in the future. For the past few months the servers have been extremely stagnant. I have tried numerous times to advertise Arisen Kingdom to try to get the server out there but it simply isn't working. With an inactive staff group and only 1-2 people joining a day I have lost a lot if not all motivation to sustain the servers.

I'm forewarning everyone that is / was apart of Arisen Kingdom that if things don't start looking up for the servers that the servers will be reducing to one whitelisted server for people who donated / want to donate and friends or if that doesn't work out I'll eventually just shut Arisen Kingdom down completely. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know.

- Bree (GoneSovereign)

Feed the Beast Server

Bree Owner posted Feb 28, 17

Hello everyone! Today we are launching our Feed the Beast server. If you're wondering what a Feed the Beast server is, it's a modded Minecraft server. The Feed the Beast server is currently only for donators. We're planning on setting up donation goals that will open the FTB server up to everyone for a certain amount of time if a donation goal is met. If you're interested in playing on the server all you have to do is donate $10 and you'll be whitelisted to the server. The FTB server is not connected to the hub server, so if you're a donator and you want to play, the server ip is: If you're a donator and you're not whitelisted, please message me or a staff member. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you're free to contact me or a staff member. 

- Bree (GoneSovereign)

Arisen Kingdom Hub Server

Bree Owner posted Jan 31, 17

Hello everyone! You're probably wondering why the server went down for maintenance. To answer your question, for the past month we have been working very hard to add-on to the server. I am very happy to announce that today is the day we'll be launching a hub server. What does this mean? A hub server uses Bungeecord to connect a bunch of servers together. So with that being said, we now have a creative server! To have a better understanding of how the creative server works ranking wise read about the traditional ranking system here and read about the specific ranking system here. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let us know by creating a forum post. I hope you all enjoy the new creative server!

- Bree (GoneSovereign)

Bree Owner Also a side for voting. You can only vote for one server and get perks on one server. So if you want your perks to be on...

Server Maintenance / Upgrade

Bree Owner posted Jan 31, 17

Hello everyone! The server is currently down for 30-60 minutes for server maintenance / upgrade. There will be another post updating you on what was added!

- Bree (GoneSovereign)

mikedmd Tech-Admin Server is back up!

Donation Packages

Bree Owner posted Jan 5, 17

Hello everyone! If you're a donator you're probably wondering why some of your donator perks aren't working. To answer your question the plugin we had called "Ultimate Cosmetics" is no longer being maintained. With our recent upgrade to 1.11 the plugin broke and is not compatable with the server version. With that being said, we had to remove the plugin because the balloons were crashing the server.

Right now I am currently testing plugins and going over donator perks. I will be adding fun new plugins,  moving permissions around to different donator groups, and adding new donator packages. When the creative server is up some of your donator perks will not work in survival because some of the perks will give you an unfair advantage on the survival server. 

If you're a donator and you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact me so I can go over it with you so you have a better understanding.

- Bree (GoneSovereign)

Bree Owner The donator packages have been redone and the packages in the shop are now updated with the correct information. We also...
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