The Future of Arisen Kingdom

By Bree Owner - Posted May 24, 17

Hello everyone. I'm just giving everyone who is / was apart of the Arisen Kingdom community a heads up on what's happening and what's going to be happening in the future. For the past few months the servers have been extremely stagnant. I have tried numerous times to advertise Arisen Kingdom to try to get the server out there but it simply isn't working. With an inactive staff group and only 1-2 people joining a day I have lost a lot if not all motivation to sustain the servers.

I'm forewarning everyone that is / was apart of Arisen Kingdom that if things don't start looking up for the servers that the servers will be reducing to one whitelisted server for people who donated / want to donate and friends or if that doesn't work out I'll eventually just shut Arisen Kingdom down completely. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know.

- Bree (GoneSovereign)

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