Arisen Kingdom Will Be Shutting Down

By Bree Owner - Posted Jun 26, 17

Hello everyone. Unfortunately, at the end of the summer Arisen Kingdom will be shutting its doors. After the servers are closed down completely I will be deleting the Arisen Kingdom Discord. It's bittersweet but it's something that needs to be done with the lack of activity. I simply don't have the interest in Minecraft anymore and with hardly any players it's redundant to keep the servers updated and running.

The survival spawning areas is on a server called Builders Refuge for display. If any of you are interested in creative and want to build head over to Builders Refuge.

I want to thank everyone who was apart of this journey and a special thank you to all of the donators. Thank you for making the server what it was and making it last as long as it did. Take care, everyone.

- Bree (GoneSovereign)

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