Donation Packages

Bree Owner posted Jan 5, 17

Hello everyone! If you're a donator you're probably wondering why some of your donator perks aren't working. To answer your question the plugin we had called "Ultimate Cosmetics" is no longer being maintained. With our recent upgrade to 1.11 the plugin broke and is not compatable with the server version. With that being said, we had to remove the plugin because the balloons were crashing the server.

Right now I am currently testing plugins and going over donator perks. I will be adding fun new plugins,  moving permissions around to different donator groups, and adding new donator packages. When the creative server is up some of your donator perks will not work in survival because some of the perks will give you an unfair advantage on the survival server. 

If you're a donator and you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact me so I can go over it with you so you have a better understanding.

- Bree (GoneSovereign)

Bree Owner The donator packages have been redone and the packages in the shop are now updated with the correct information. We also...

Arisen Kingdom Creative

Bree Owner posted Dec 31, 16

Hello everyone! Our vision from the very beginning has always been to expand from RPG survival. Now we can expand on Arisen Kingdom. In the new year we're going to be working on setting up creative. Since we have a community and player base now we'd like to hear from you. Please leave a comment here telling us what your perfect creative server would consist of and how it would function. You can also link plugins you'd like to see on the server in the comments as well. We want to appeal to everyone's creative needs with the creative server. 

- Bree (GoneSovereign)

Christmas Build-Off Results

Bree Owner posted Dec 31, 16

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a fun and safe New Years Eve. Today marked the last day to complete your build for the Christmas Build-Off. The winner of the Christmas Build-Off is JonBurnhound. Congratulations to him! He won all the categories. Coming in 2nd place is, Dwagon22. Coming in 3rd place is, PinesFandom. Thank you to everyone that participated in this years Christmas Build-Off. Hopefully we'll have another build-off set up sometime soon. Again, congrats to all the participants!

- Bree (GoneSovereign)

Server Update

Bree Owner posted Dec 26, 16

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice Christmas. We updated the server to the current version of 1.11.2. If you come across anything that isn't working how it should be or have any issues at all please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.

- Bree (GoneSovereign)

Happy Holidays!

Bree Owner posted Dec 25, 16

Hello everyone! I wanted to take the time to wish everyone a happy holidays from everyone at Arisen Kingdom. We hope you have a safe and fun holiday season.

As a reminder, the build-off will be ending December 31st. So make sure you get your submissions in!

- Bree (GoneSovereign)

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